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Account information from a consumer or business is transformed into ready-to-use financial data. Our API platform facilitates bank account access, transaction enrichment, and financial analysis.

Added value

A better customer journey and a true customer view

Before you provide a service or product, you want to know who you are dealing with. Who is it, what is a customer's financial situation, and does the service or product fit that.

  • You take a client on a short and smooth journey to make financial data available digitally. There is much less paperwork and higher conversion rates.
  • You receive analytics based on personal and hard data. You get an accurate customer profile and make facts-based choices and offers.
  • There are much faster results and your processes work more efficiently. You save time and money.

Invers handles the processing, has the correct PSD2 license, is ISO27001 certified and provides all GDPR requirements. You create insight into your customers' financial situation and get information delivered digitally.

How it works

Financial data in 3 steps

Bank transactions of account holders contain a lot of information. Invers has a PSD2 license and can request permission and access to view these transactions. The raw transactions are then retrieved, recognized, enriched, combined, and analyzed. The components can be called separately or as one combined chain.

Retrieve account information

We ask the customer for permission to access information from different accounts. The account information is retrieved, standardized, and merged into one complete set.

The API platform connects to all the banks in the Benelux.

Enrich transactions

Retrieved bank transactions are recognized and enriched with additional information. Think Chamber of Commerce information on the counterparty, income or spending categories, and characteristics. 

Our high enrichment rate (up to 95%) is the strength of our service.

Analyse data

Enriched transactions are the basis for good financial analysis. This compiles dozens of indicators that provide a complete picture of the income and expenses of both consumer and business customers.

Analyses are custom-configured and deliver exactly what is needed for your process.

Prolific partenrships

Together we serve
millions of customers.

Why Invers

Years of experience with financial insights

Our mission is to make and keep the financial world insightful and understandable so that financial-related questions are answered quickly and easily.

We provide smart FinTech solutions to various partners through our API services platform so they can offer financial insight and convenience to their customers. These tools allow everyone, from large banks and fintechs to startups, to build the future of financial services.

Invers has already advised many partners on marketing new innovative PSD2 services and products. We have experience with front- and backend systems and think beyond just PSD2.

30+ year
B2B partners
B2B resellers
BNL banks

Licensed, compliant and scalable

In 1994, Invers was founded with the primary goal of providing accurate financial insight to consumers and businesses. Since then, the company has gained a prominent position as a leading service provider in this field.

As a pioneer, Invers received a PSD2 license from De Nederlandsche Bank, becoming one of the first companies in the Netherlands to obtain this accreditation.

Moreover, Invers is ISO 27001 certified, meets GDPR requirements, and runs on the scalable Azure platform.

Invers fulfills an essential role as a PSD2-HUB in the Benelux, in which it collects account information from all banks, enriches this data with various additional features, and then delivers turnkey financial analytics to its customers.

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Invers was among the first in the Netherlands to receive a PSD2 AISP license from De Nederlandsche Bank.

This allows us - only after explicit consent of the account holder - to automatically retrieve consumer and company account information from banks.

This license completes our chain of services: Retrieve account information > Enrich data > Process enriched data into a financial analysis.

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